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"Breakfast Television" (8/15/2005)

As part of CHUM's new corporate branding strategy following the purchase of the Craig Media stations in the Prairies, the original A-Channel stations were re-branded to Citytv on August 2, 2005, and the NewNet stations took over the A-Channel brand on the same day.

CKVU was also slated to get a new on-air look. However, it also had plans to unveil a new presenter lineup on August 15. As such, the changes did not take place until that day.

On August 15, Breakfast Television received brand new graphics and theme music, and now looks identical to the station's other newscasts (except for the enhanced screen, which was also updated). Simi Sara also returned to the mornings, now joined by Dave Gerry. Tasha Chiu joined as the new entertainment/live-eye correspondent. Mark Docherty and Dawn Chubai continue to handle news/sports and traffic/weather respectively.

Screenshots from the first day of new look "Breakfast Television":

The show doesn't have an open, just a L3 displaying its name supered over a tower cam shot. Mark Docherty. New style map. The new split screen. Dawn Chubai. Dawn uses the interactive "magic finger" feature with the station's current chroma-key system. The temp for a specific spot pops up in response. And she draws the cold front. The extended forecast, over a map of the Lower Mainland. The "Stuff You Should Do..." event calendar. The full screen, showing the day's gas prices. Dave Gerry and Simi Sara, chatting in the newsroom. And now chatting rather privately. The current conditions. Another style of the split screen. Full-screen showing overseas weather info. Tasha Chiu, first day on the show. Dave Gerry at the storefront studio, which they begin to use after 7 o'clock. Dave and Simi engaging in more friendly conversations. Everyone gathers at the storefront to close the show.