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"CityNews" (8/15/2005)

As part of CHUM's new corporate branding strategy following the purchase of the Craig Media stations in the Prairies, the original A-Channel stations were re-branded to Citytv on August 2, 2005, and the NewNet stations took over the A-Channel brand on the same day.

CKVU was also slated to get a new on-air look. However, it also had plans to unveil a new presenter lineup on August 15. As such, the changes did not take place until that day.

On August 15, the "CityPulse" title was dropped from the station's newscasts, and was replaced by "CityNews". New graphics and an updated version of the news theme were also introduced, and for the first time in recent memory, the station began to use an on-air bug throughout the newscast (previously a bug was only used on programming outside of news).

Simi Sara (who had been off from the show for several weeks prior) also returned to Breakfast Television, and Julie Nolin joined the station from A-Channel Edmonton as its new 6pm co-anchor alongside Roger Petersen.

Screenshots from the first "CityNews" 6pm bulletin:

The end credits to "Ellen" are squished over to the side, somewhat reminiscent of what the station did with the Y&R credits when it was Global. The open. The bumper. The headline spacer. Julie Nolin and Roger Petersen. The new split screen. Dag Sharman, live at GM Place. Julie with the big monitor behind her at a distance. The animation heading into the bumper. Looks like they just used the Metrovision system to throw the moving clouds behind the skyscrapers. A first look at the weather, during the first break. Marke Dreisschen with a preview of the weather segment. The new full-screen. A 3-shot heading into weather. The current conditions. Marke had already been presenting in front of the chroma-key for several months, if not the whole year, after the station got a new weather system. The regional forecast. The extended forecast, supered over the Metrovision outlook. Sting into the entertainment segment. Darrin Maharaj with the biz. The primetime lineup. Mike Bow with sports, live at GM Place. The copyright caption, with the L3 tall enough to contain sponsor info.