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"CTV News at Six" (12/20/2004)

CIVT's newscasts received a new look on September 7, 2004, as CTV's new O&O news graphics made their way across the country. The open titles and on-screen graphics were revamped (while keeping the glass leaf motif), and new cuts of the news theme went into use.

Interestingly, the helicopter featured in the news open is actually the chopper of sister station CFTO Toronto (as evidenced by the Toronto Star logo underneath the CTV logo). However, CFTO's blue-and-white helicopter had since received a new red-and-white paint job to match CIVT's chopper.

Here are some screenshots from December 2004.

With the new graphics also came a new transition between the 5pm and 6pm newscasts. The bumper graphic. The headline separator, with the glass leaf still in tact. The open. The open. "This is CTV News at Six, with Bill Good." Bill Good with the L3. The full screen. The OTS. The split screen. Janet Dirks with the live graphic and locator. Chopper 9 hovering live over the Second Narrows Bridge, with the relevant graphics. A generic sting-out. Meteorologist Jesse Mason on Chopper 9. AFAIK he doesn't usually present the weather segment on the station's newscasts. The current conditions, supered over a live towercam shot. Tamara Taggart with the weather segment. The extended forecast. The business full-screen. The sting to Olsen To Your Side. Perry Solkowski with the L3, OTS, and a big grin. The name L3 used during the sports segment. It had been used for several months before the rest of the new graphics debuted on the station. The score L3. The sting to "Brent's World", Brent Gilbert's nightly feature report. A 3-shot. The closing copyright, supered over a shot from Chopper 9.