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"A-Channel News at 5/6" (8/2/2005)

The New VI was re-branded as A-Channel on August 2, 2005, along with CHUM's other NewNet stations. Its newscasts also received new graphics and music.

Screenshots from the first "A-Channel News at 5/6":

The open. The open. The headline spacer. The open. The open. The 3D logo moves around the screen. It almost looked like they wanted to do a studio wipe, but decided not to at the very last minute. Hudson Mack, with the new L3. The new split screen. Citytv Toronto's Alex Pierson, talking about the Air France crash in Toronto. Moira McLean, on the phone from Victoria Intl. Citytv Vancouver's Leigh Morrow, live from Vancouver Intl. Another style of the split screen. Yet another style of the split screen, this time with the presenters' names. The animation going into the bumper... It continues... ... And the video box shows up. Sometimes the video takes up the entire screen instead. A sting. Bruce Williams, with the new weather gfx. The map wasn't changed fundamentally, just with new overlaid gfx and icons. The extended forecast, supered over a tower cam shot. Contact info. A full-screen. The rotating sign outside the building was made over too. The primetime lineup. Jason Pires with sports. The control room backdrop is used for the 6pm hour. The forecast for the next day isn't shown until 6:30-ish. Sting into the "In Depth" segment, with more details from one of the top stories. Jason Pires, also in front of the control room. The copyright caption.